Specialised cargo tank coating with MarineLINE Paints at Zhoushan IMC-YY Shipyard

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Zhoushan IMC-YY Shipyard has for the second time applied specialised MarineLINE paints in the cargo tanks of a chemical tanker.  Drydock and repairs of the vessel FORMOSA TEN took place from April till May 2013, over a period of about one month.  The yard’s first successful experience with this type of paint was on another chemical tanker named Selendang Sari in 2007.

MarineLINE paint including MarineLINE784 is one of good performance coating for almost all IMO approved chemical cargoes. But the application is deemed as the most difficult amoung various tank coating works because of its high standards and sophisticated procedures, especially on surface preparation, salt removing, film thickness and curing after the painting.  Therefore a few yards have tried but most of them failed.

With the experience of 2007 and the yard’s high standard on tank coating works, all the procedures and workmanships were carefully studied and well prepared in advance.  The works were completed smoothly and passed the Owner’s and MarineLINE’s inspections. The Owners were particularly satisfied with the good quality and the time-efficiency of the work performed, ensuring the vessel back in service after minimal time at the Yard.

The success of applying MarineLINE paints documents Zhoushan IMC-YY’s abilities and wish to continuously improve its service standard for shiprepairs.